How is Your Company Different?

Branding Your Remodeling Company

What makes your company different than your competitors? So many remodelers say they offer the best service, design, craftsmanship, process, experience, etc.; and deliver it with the best people, communication, warranty… While all these features are valuable, they aren’t your differentiator.

Marketing Wing will dig deep to answer:

Which brand differentiators does the company excel at?
What are your company’s value propositions?
Why do your clients purchase from you?
Where does your company excel compared to its competition?

Marketing Wing will help define your remodeling company. You’ve done the hard part of identifying your marketplace and creating a remodeling company. Sometimes you’ve been in market for years and you want to create new offerings or enter new niches. You’ve created the business and you now have a brand challenge.

That’s where we come in. Marketing Wing ensures that your team, our team and, most importantly, your prospects and customers have an aligned view of the brand’s promise and value proposition. We organize your brand system—the names, words, job signs, images, colors, fonts, taglines, booths, leave-behinds, diagrams, and vehicles that tell a consistent, cohesive, compelling story. You must be able to express your value and the unique space you occupy in their mind, heart and soul. That’s your Brand.

Your Remodeling Brand

Identifying a branded differentiator for a remodeling company isn’t simple. It takes a lot of work. Marketing Wing helps define your remodeling brand by asking:

Once your differentiator and brand are defined, then it’s time to implement a cohesive branding strategy across all your marketing tactics.  

Branding Remodelers