Marketing Strategies

“People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Simon Sinek

It all Starts with
The Right Marketing Strategy

We don’t believe in guessing or anecdotes. We recognize that every remodeling company is different and so is every market. As a result, we take an analytical approach to build a marketing strategy that’s right for your company and market.

Competitive Analysis

We collect competitive information regarding other local remodeling companies in the form of a competitive market analysis. In many instances, we mystery shop competitors and share this intelligence via a gap analysis.

Local Demographics

We start with the basics (household incomes, home values, local professions, net worth, behavioral tendencies, etc.) but dig much deeper. We gather hyper-local remodeling trends in each market based on the local housing stock, remodeling index, and even local Google analytics.

Target Personas

With hyper-local intelligence in hand, we define target personas for your remodeling company. Each company’s target personas are extremely descriptive of your ideal target client. These personals (and their buying behaviors) are used to outline your marketing strategies and tactics.

Marketing Strategies

Clear marketing strategies are custom designed for your remodeling company. These goal-focused strategies are the difference between good results and outstanding results. With our remodeling industry experience along with detailed local data and trends; your marketing strategies are the foundation of your marketing plan.


The final stage is implementation and measuring results!


Marketing Wing has worked with dozens of remodelers across the country. While there may be shortcuts to creating marketing strategies for remodelers and design build companies; we recognize that local customization is key.

Remodeling companies and markets change, so we never stay still. We continually optimize your marketing program as markets and opportunities evolve.

The most important thing to our team is client satisfaction which typically correlates with marketing results. We have worked hard—and continue to evolve processes—to make strategic planning and performance execution as streamlined as possible. This allows us to measure and adjust marketing tactics, to ensure you see  results.

We’ve Worked The Best Brands In The Industry