Remodeling Niches

Skyrocket Your Marketing with A Niche

For those remodelers who struggle with how to direct their marketing strategies and budgets, niche marketing makes it simple. Businesses with a broad audience will have various segments and marketing channels within that audience. When you serve just one target audience, marketing channels are fewer, and you can devote more resources to each. You can also seek new non-competing strategic partnerships within a niche to grow your market share. The key to this approach is to not think about what your remodeling company may be missing out from a broader audience; but what it can gain from having a laser-focused niche.

Niche marketing is when your remodeling company specializes in a particular service or serves a particular demographic within your target market. Remodelers have many niches to choose from. Examples include:

Marketing a remodeling niche in your market allows you to enjoy:

The best way to identify which niche is best for your remodeling company is to follow your passion. Niches require specific expertise that may involve certifications, experience, and depth of knowledge. Marketing Wing can help you define if niche marketing is right for you.

Do you think you have a niche that can skyrocket your remodeling business? Let Marketing Wing help you confirm it aligns with your brand and execute a marketing plan to attract qualified prospects.